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Portsmouth Minibus

Are you looking for a transportation company that is willing to go one step further to satisfy your needs? Then you need to contact us at Portsmouth Minibus today. We have years of experience serving the area, know how to streamline transportation, get you where you want to go, and provide you with the kind of transportation quality that you deserve.

So if you are interested in Portsmouth minibus hire, it is important to understand the kind of service that we offer. Read on to discover what sets us apart from other transportation companies in the area and why we are more than worth your time and consideration.

What is Portsmouth Minibus?

The Portsmouth Minibus is a transportation company that provides a variety of services to Portsmouth and the surrounding area. We can provide you, your group, and even a large party with a comfortable and relaxing minibus and coach hire experience. Our buses have been carefully designed, manufactured, and maintained to make them among the best and most high-quality coaches in the area.

The main postcode and towns we cover  for minibus and coach hire in Portsmouth are as follows:
PO1 , PO2, and PO3 is the central area postcode for Portsmouth and also include PO6 of Portsmouth
PO4 and P05 is Southsea PO6
PO7 and PO8 comes under Waterlooville
PO9 Havant and Rowland Castle
PO10 is Emsworth
PO11 Hayling Island
PO12 and Lee on the Solent
PO13 is Gosport
PO14,PO15, theesePO16, and these come under Fareham
PO18 PO19 and PO20 come under the Chichester
PO21 and PO22 postcodes come under Bognor regis

As a result, we are often in high-demands by various individuals, particularly those who are interested in visiting fun places in the Portsmouth area. There are so many great places to stop that it can be hard to name them all.

Great Places to Visit In Portsmouth

So where can you go with us? There are many great options! We’ve compiled a list of some of the most fun events and locations in all of Portsmouth. These places are among the most popularly visited and most entertaining in the area. They are also rated highly by various online reviewers. And, most importantly, we’ve taken satisfied customers to each spot.

Spinnaker Tower

This surprisingly fun tower creates a rather sail-like look that provides panoramic views for all who attend. It is a great place to take your family members or to make a visit when on your own. Typically, it costs very little to attend this fun center.

D-Day Museum

The tide of World War II changed thanks to D-Day, an invasion which started in the Portsmouth area. This museum provides you an inside look at one of the landing zones. Families or individuals who are studying World War II history need to visit this area right away.

HMS Victory

Lord Nelson was one of the most important British Admirals of the 18th century. Those interested in naval history should visit the HMS Victory, a replica of his giant flagship. Here, you can explore the ins-and-outs of British naval warfare. This destination is both educational and exciting.

Gunwharf Quays

If you aren’t interested in history or simply want to do some shopping, there’s no better place to do so in Portsmouth than the Gunwharf Quays. Stop by here for great, and often inexpensive, clothes. You can also find many other items for sale at reduced prices.

Wightlink Isle of Wight Ferries

The Isle of Wight is one of those areas that has to be visited at least once. Its historical importance and intriguing cultural impact make it a great place to visit. Those who are interested in attending it can use this ferry service, off the tip of the Portsmouth area, to get to the island.

Our Minibus  and Coach Hire Options Portsmouth

One of the best parts about working with us is our diverse array of bus options. We focus on providing our customers with multiple choices, as this helps you get the exact experience that you want and deserve. Each comes with the same level of amenities, making them equally worth your time. Just an example of the buses we offer include:

  • 8-seater minibus
  • 12, 14 and 16-seater minibus
  • 24 seater mini coach
  • 33 seater coach
  • 36 seater seater coach hire
  • 49 -seater coach hire
  • Minibus taxi service

Choosing between the buses listed here will all depend on your transportation needs. Obviously, if you are taking just a handful of people on a bachelor party, the eight or 12 seat bus is probably all that you need. However, if you are renting a bus to take a high school class on a trip, the forty-nine-seat bus is your best choice. However, we also offer a high-quality taxi service.

With this service, you get free transportation from your home to our bus station. You can also get transportation after you arrive at your destination. However, others hire our taxi service simply to get around Portsmouth on their own.

As a result, we can help a travel group as small as a single person all the way up to over a dozen people. This diversity of use options makes us one of the most popular minibus services in the Portsmouth area. Many of our clients often hire us to help provide them with transportation to and from various events in the area.

Booking a Trip With Us

If you are interested in booking a trip with us, click on our online contact site and check out our schedule. You can then take a quick look at the inside of one of our buses to get a feel for what we will provide you.

If you like what you see, use our booking options to select a bus and pay for it with a credit card. You can also come to our office to speak to us directly and drive away with the bus you want.

Services That We Provide

If you decide to work with us, you will get access to various buses, including minibuses and coach to hire in portsmouth . Depending on your needs, you can rent it for a few hours or even days. It all depends on how long you need us and how willing you are to pay for a lengthy or involved trip. Our rates are very fair, competitive with other transportation companies, and designed for maximum transparency.

Benefits of Booking With Us

What sets us apart from other minibus companies and why should you book with us? We provide an array of benefits and amenities that you can’t get in any other way. For example, we can provide you with an inexpensive Portsmouth minibus experience, one that is usually less expensive than our competitors. We also hire only the most professional drivers to manage your experience quotes for minibuses in minutes.

Beyond that, we also serve a wider geographical area than most of our competitors. We service all the postcodes and towns in the Portsmouth area. As a result, you can attend multiple events and locations, including the Goodwood Races. Due to the size of our buses, they are a cost-effective and reliable way to transport a large number of people. Last, but not least, we offer 24-hour service and let you book online for no extra charge.

Events We Serve

Portsmouth is a bustling town with a lot of fun places to visit. There are multiple festivals, large concerts, museums, and a myriad of other events. That’s why we work hard to provide transportation to Portsmouth, around the surrounding area, and to the various segments of towns where these events take place. For example, we can transport you to and from your hotel and a festival site, such as a brewing festival. In this way, you can have fun without worrying about having to drive back a little sloshed.

We can also provide you suggestions and transportation to great restaurants in the area, helping you to appreciate the quality of food in the area. We’ve found restaurants that serve traditional British food, great pub dishes, and ethnic items. There are so many different options, in fact, that it can be hard to choose one. With our help, you’ll find one that works for your needs.

If you’re looking to make a day trip to a concert or a sporting event, we can provide transportation for you. Rather than having to fight through the heavy traffic before and after the game, you can ride in comfort and relaxation. Our drivers know many shortcuts around the Portsmouth area and are willing to cut time off your trip by finding a quicker way around a busy area.

However, we have also found that our clients trust us as at Portsmouth Minibus Company to provide them with transportation for large funerals, fun school trips, and even airport transfers for family reunions.

These events and incidents often involve a significant number of people moving to the same place at the same time. With our help, you and everyone else can get there more quickly and in the kind of style and comfort that you deserve.

What Our Customers are Saying

So we have a lot of positive things to say about our service. But what are our customers saying? They are just as positive. We highlighted a few different positive reviews we found online.

Jerry from the Isle of Man
Outstanding company, reliable service, comfortable buses, and friendly drivers. My wife and I rented one for our wedding reception, and we had a blast. They come highly recommended.

Maria from London
Husband and I rode with Portsmouth Minibus just recently. We were going to Portsmouth to visit some museums and wanted to travel in comfort. Boy, did we ever! We loved our experience,  cheap Prices and especially the leg room and the relaxing environment on the bus. You don’t get that same feeling you get from other city buses. There was no rush or annoyance, just excellent service.

Ted from Wales
You can’t go wrong with this company great price quotes. I’ve used them to show my clients around the Portsmouth area for years. They always show up on time and with the right bus. It’s easy to call them anytime and get a bus.

As you can see, our customers are delighted with the services we offer. These were just three examples of what people are saying about us online. So why not consider using us for your transportation needs? You won’t be disappointed by what we have to offer you.

Contact Us Today

As you can see, there are many benefits of working with us. We provide one of the most reliable, diverse, and engaging transportation services in the area. Portsmouth Minibus  hire comes with driver has also been acclaimed by multiple customers, making it a great choice for someone who is interested in traveling through the area.

So go ahead and drop us a line or stop by our office and talk to us about specials, deals, and travel packages. We are always willing to work with people like you to create the fair and reasonable pricing that you deserve. Make sure to ask about our deals and specials, as we are always finding new ways to save you money.